Sunday, June 6, 2010

Who Knew?

It turns out we'll be heading for Montana a lot sooner than I'd expected. A lot sooner. Unfortunately, this means less time to accomplish things on the ol' Bucket List and less time to post about it. Since I am very busy packing and such, I am going to blitz through all the other things I've done and been saving to post long and luxuriously about.

The Chinese restaurant:

One of our favorite places to eat. They make excellent vegetarian dishes, and eating there is always such a gastronomical delight. It's really yummy, too.

The Ice Cream Emporium in Sutter Creek:
A totally fun place to grab an ice cream cone. They have all kinds of tasty deserts beyond ice cream, dinner items, and a really cool old-fashioned vibe. There's always ragtime music playing, whether from the speakers or the extensive collection of player piano music.

We stopped there after the kids got back from Pathfinder bike-a-thon, so if they look a little toasted, there's a reason.

Make Strawberry Freezer Jam:
This one was such a treat for me. I always used to make freezer jam with my grandma, but have been too busy to do it for a number of years. If you've never made freezer jam, you really should try it; it's super easy, and the taste is soooooooooo superior to any kind of cooked jam. They have low-sugar recipes available, too, though I went the traditional, um, not low-sugar route.