Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fair Time!

Yes, it's that time of year again. The time when I enter way more than my share of pictures into our county fair because I have no self-control.

This year I was determined to enter at least one art project as well, and though it nearly killed me, I actually got two done.

I had a hard time entering the artwork. My perfectionistic soul rose up in protest, since I felt my pieces was not as good as I am capable of. But my practical side told my perfectionisitic soul to shut up, sit down, and enter them anyway---that it's more important to participate in the things I want to do than sit around not doing anything until I feel I've gotten "good enough".

Personal growth is not always my favorite thing!

Anyway, here is a gallery of my photos----and ART----for your enjoyment.

My giant spool painting got a 1st place ribbon, plus a Special Award. Ever since the fair, It's Royal Specialness has been riding around in the back of my van. Someday I will actually get it out and prop it in my yard somewhere......

These first two photos got the dreaded "Thanks for participating" ribbon.

Category: Snow

Category: Beach

Category: Photo Editing/special effects---Third place.

Category: Storm---Second place.

Category:Western---First place.

Category: Landscape---First place, plus Special Award.

Category: Clouds/Sky---First place.

Category: Baby---First place, plus Best in Show.

Category: Trees---First place.

Category: Historic Architecture---First place, plus Special Award.

Category: Architecture---First place.

Category: Sunrise/Sunset----First place.

Category: Sun---First place.

Category: Animal with Person---First place.

Category: Inspirational---First place.

Category: Portrait---First place, plus Special Award and Sweepstakes Award.