Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thrift Store Pillage and Plunder

What better way to spend a cold, snowy evening than playing dress-up with my latest thrift store bounty! I'm sure Noni could think of at least one better way in her opinion, since she wanted me to attend the choir performance she was accompanying. Hey, I had to do laundry, and if I did tried on a few clothes while the washer was going, I don't see a problem with that....

Last Friday I got to go to the thrift store in Plentywood. It's a wonderful place where they have "Fill a bag for $4" everyday. And let me tell you, I can stuff quite a lot into a paper bag! I was specifically looking for warm things to add to the winter survival conglomeration I'm putting together for my van. I found a few things for that...and a few other things, too.

My list of booty for the day ran like this: For the grand total of $34 I got.....

2 vintage jackets
1 pr. snow overalls
5 skirts
2 winter coats
2 shirts
2 sweatshirts
2 pr. gloves
3 ear covers
2 earmuffs
2 pr. sweatpants
2 winter hats
4 pr. socks
4 pr. snow boots
1 pr. khaki pants
1 sewing basket
Vintage picture in frame
1 corduroy sport coat
1 fleece jacket
4 winter vests

And a partridge in a pear treeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I wanted to get ugly enough things for my winter survival kit that I wouldn't be tempted to take them out, use them, and forget to put them back. I think I succeeded in the nondescript vests and rockin' 90's jacket. The snow overalls that I got turned out to be a little too small...more along the lines of a skin-tight cat suit than frumpy snow clothes (frumpy cat suit, perhaps?). I'm more likely to die of asphyxiation than hypothermia wearing those puppies! I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for something more size-appropriate, believe me!

Devon was kind enough to help model a few of my purchases, since his alternative was doing homework. He was also a willing, but not quite able, photographer when I tried on a few of my new clothes, so please pardon my appearance. It's hard to achieve a glamorous 'model face' when you're giving hissed instructions to a 9 year old. "The camera's crooked, push the button, are you pushing the button, hold it up straight, come on, Devon, hurry up.....etc."

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  1. awesome :D nice clothes, you're a thrifty shopper!! Actually, I would like to go to the thrift store again, I got a couple really nice long sleeved shirts last time I went. :)