Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Last Green Patch in North Dakota

After I moved (such as it was) into my house (such as it is), I needed the trailer moved from the campground in Grenora. It sat there for about a week waiting for my dad to make it up between snow storms to take things apart and haul it out of there.

Last Monday night, on my way into Westby for the evening, I got a flat tire. Shredded tire was more like it, because the gravel roads make so much noise I didn't know it was flat until it was in ribbons. Thankfully my wondrous dad came out and assisted John in changing the tire in the bitter cold snow storm.

The next morning I awoke to find I had no running water. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by my double trouble (amateur!), I decided to call in at work and spend the day getting my tire fixed and going under the house to fix the pipes I assumed were broken.

Upon venturing into the scary and forbidding danger zone under my house, it didn't seem that any pipes were broken. There may still turn out to be a problem in the pipes, but it wasn't readily apparent. What was apparent was the pump that pumps water from the holding tank into the house was no longer working.

Since there was nothing we could do about that, it was onto Grenora and a fun-filled afternoon of freezing our fingers off as we undid the sterling, built-to-last edifice my dad had constructed not two months earlier. It was a nice day, as winter days go, and I enjoyed being out in the sun, since I am beginning to look like an extra in a vampire movie. I go to work when it's dark and get out when it's dark. I've heard of the sun.....I think I remember such a thing, but it's been so long, so very long.....

Once we started dismantling the trailer we could see that I had some burst pipes in there. There was a column of ice leading from my wall down to the ground. So no more staying in the trailer this winter even if I wanted to. But the amusing thing was underneath my trailer the grass was still green, albeit frozen.

While my dad was laying prone beneath the trailer, I seized the opportunity to sneak off for some photography. I snatched a few shots and dashed in slow motion through the snow, trying to get back before he caught me. I was too slow and he saw me just as I was getting back to the trailer, but he was gracious and didn't say anything.

My last picture of the view from my peaceful camp-spot.

I've wanted to take this shot ever since I moved in, and caption it,
"More Bars in More Places."

Everything was liberally coated with another coat of that dastardly frizzle that caused the power outages responsible for all my frozen plumbing woes.

Then it was time to hitch up and go. Thus I left the Grenora campground behind me for what I hope is forever. It wasn't bad, really, to live there, and I'm grateful for the timely shelter it provided, but when all's said and done, I prefer a house. Any house, as events have proven.

The same afternoon, I was able to take a few pictures out at my new place. The first pictures show my little settlement from a distance. It kind of blends in, don't it?

As we were approaching my driveway I saw a large lump on the power line just down the road. I was sure it was an eagle, and so it proved to be. I've seen it once since then, so I think it hangs around my general vicinity. Maybe I'll get a chance at a better picture later....

This is the tree right outside my side door. It looked like a fruit tree in blossom at spring time until the wind blew it clean a day or so later.

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