Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Out With the Old...

Yes, it's January. The month of the year that people dedicate to hauling out the detritus of their lives. In the spirit of the season, I am finally getting to a bit of organizing, myself. One thing I'm starting today is taking down the Christmas decorations. I know it's shocking that I still have them up, but I'm normally much better about it. My pinnacle year was when I took them down and put them away on Christmas Day. But usually I have them all done in the first few days after Christmas.

This year has been a little slower-paced, in part because of my Grandpa's stroke, in part because there was the tiniest chance Laura might have been able to come for a short visit and I wanted the decorations still up if she could make it (but alas, it was not to be), and in part because my mother, not content with giving my only a few gifts at Christmas, saw fit to pass on to me her flu.

Thank you , Mother. I will remember this on your upcoming birthday.

Does anyone know where I can buy some nice, fresh typhoid?

The other project I tackled today was changing out the litter in all the litter boxes. And as long as I was changing them, it was seriously time to give all the boxes a scrubbing out. Since this morning's temperature was already 27 degrees, it would have been a shame to waste such mild weather.

The cats were somewhat offended at the implications, especially when I used the toilet brush to do the scrubbing. But they approve of the clean, cushy litter.

I approve of the new and improved odor!

Litter boxes by moonlight. My life is full of romance.

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