Monday, July 29, 2013

My First Gallery Showing!

Ok, ok, so it was at the fair. And there were a lot of other people's pictures, too. But my pictures were In Public being seen by a lot of people. It's the same thing.

This was the first fair I've entered anything in since childhood, and it was lots of fun. The whole family acquitted themselves well with their entries; I even got a special award! Which was very thrilling until I saw that everyone else had gotten more special awards than me. However, I'm behaving very maturely about it---unlike my niece, who has gone around with her THREE special awards draped from her person and hung in her hair.


So, because I know you're dying to see what I entered, I will show you all my entries.

What's that?

You want me to tell what ribbons I won with each picture?

Oh, I don't know. It seems so.......boastful. I'm really a very humble person....

Well, since you're begging so hard, I guess I can mention it. But only because you asked!

Category:  Clouds/Sky        First place.

 Category: Sports      Second place.

 Category: Child/children     Third place.

 Category: Agricultural           First place.  

 Category: Holiday         First place.

 Category: Seasons         First place.

Category: Historical        First place.

 Category: Portraits         First place.

 Category: Sunset             First place.

Category: Scenery          Second place.

Category: Person/persons         First place, plus special award.

Category: Wildlife       First place.

Category: Action           First place.

Category: Water/ocean/river/lake         Third place.

 Category: Architectural           First place.

Category: Inspirational      Second place (to a stupid SPARROW picture! By my own SISTER!).

And, my personal favorite.....Category: Western          First place.

It was lots of fun entering. And---let's be honest here---getting lots of prizes. I'm already planning next year's entries, starting with "accidentally" breaking my sister's camera---right after I get my own, of course. Ooops, sorry, that slipped out. I mean, it doesn't matter whether I win or lose, I just enjoy the artistic process and sharing my work with others.

Maybe I can grow some prize-winning maturity by next year....

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