Friday, February 21, 2014


I used to have one.

A life, that is.

But that was then, this is now.

I started my new job at the end of December. I began my two college classes, Introduction to Computers and Incomprehensible Algebra in mid-January. Neither life-change by itself would be that challenging, but the two of them together have managed to suck up whatever spare time I used to have.

So I get up in the morning, head off to work, come home to let the dogs out, then drive back into town to wrestle with algebra for an hour or so. Once in a while, I am so excited to have an evening to myself-----and get to indulge in activities like washing dishes, putting away laundry, or clearing away clutter. Last night I even mopped my floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And on a very good day, I even snatch a few minutes to run outside with a camera. It's helped with the motivation that the weather has been a wee bit warmer this past week. Stuff has to be pretty doggone beautiful to tempt me out when the temperatures are below zero.

We even got a 4-inch snowfall one of the days. It was beautiful, fluffy snow, the kind we don't get very often. The typical prairie snow is more like grit out of a sandblaster, but this stuff settled like a delicate cloak over everything, beautifying and freshening our winter-worn landscape.

Then one of the mornings we even had a little bit of fog. Back in California, you don't get excited about fog. January and February are National Fog Months there, and you don't see the sun unless you head up a mountain and get above the clouds. But here fog is a little more rare and can certainly add to the beauty of a winter morning.

No, there's nothing like the magical loveliness of winter.

I can't WAIT until spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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