Sunday, June 15, 2014

Best Mother's Day Present Ever!

I have a certain, shall we say, fondness for receiving presents. Just about any occasion will do.

And just about any present will do.

But this Mother's Day, my mom really outdid herself in picking the most sweetest, most special-est present for my sister and me. Well, at least for me, anyway. My sister was kind of a dud about it, but that's OK, because it gave me a temporary edge in the favorite daughter competition.

Long ago (exactly how long shall remain undisclosed), my mom made my sister and me matching dresses out of a pretty white fabric with strawberries on it. I LOVED that dress and was very bitter when I outgrew it---that happened with a lot of dresses back then, really, since I tended to forge deep and lasting relationships with my clothes. These days, I'm happy when they pass on because it gives me a reason to go shopping.

Fickleness, thy name is Tina.

But this dress I loved with a passion. I felt cute in it. I WAS cute in it.

And my sweet mother hunted down the same strawberry fabric and bought enough to make my sister and me each a big girl dress out of it.

When I opened the package, my mouth dropped open and I gasped in delight. Instant recognition spanned the intervening years.

When my sister opened the package she went, "You're making us....curtains?"

Tssssssssssst. Score one for the Teenster!

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