Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fair Time!

Yes, it's that time of year again. The time when I enter way more than my share of pictures into our county fair because I have no self-control.

This year I was determined to enter at least one art project as well, and though it nearly killed me, I actually got two done.

I had a hard time entering the artwork. My perfectionistic soul rose up in protest, since I felt my pieces was not as good as I am capable of. But my practical side told my perfectionisitic soul to shut up, sit down, and enter them anyway---that it's more important to participate in the things I want to do than sit around not doing anything until I feel I've gotten "good enough".

Personal growth is not always my favorite thing!

Anyway, here is a gallery of my photos----and ART----for your enjoyment.

My giant spool painting got a 1st place ribbon, plus a Special Award. Ever since the fair, It's Royal Specialness has been riding around in the back of my van. Someday I will actually get it out and prop it in my yard somewhere......

These first two photos got the dreaded "Thanks for participating" ribbon.

Category: Snow

Category: Beach

Category: Photo Editing/special effects---Third place.

Category: Storm---Second place.

Category:Western---First place.

Category: Landscape---First place, plus Special Award.

Category: Clouds/Sky---First place.

Category: Baby---First place, plus Best in Show.

Category: Trees---First place.

Category: Historic Architecture---First place, plus Special Award.

Category: Architecture---First place.

Category: Sunrise/Sunset----First place.

Category: Sun---First place.

Category: Animal with Person---First place.

Category: Inspirational---First place.

Category: Portrait---First place, plus Special Award and Sweepstakes Award.


  1. Wow! looks like took the best prizes. Fantastic. Marilyn

  2. Cool pix. Does the horse on the giant spool have teets??? Do you milk horses out that way???

    Just "wondering"?