Friday, February 19, 2016

Anatomy of the Rare and Endangered Day Off

Last week I did the unthinkable.

I took an extra day off to have fun. Oooooh, it felt good, though!

Life has been hectic at work lately. I had surgery at the beginning of the year, and as soon as I got back from MY time off, some of the other leadership needed time off for medical issues. It's been nonstop, so it was such a treat to take a breather to do things that are important to me.

So what did I do on my day off? Well, the first thing I did was go to work, of course.

It's what you do when you accidentally take the important set of keys home with you the night before.

(Those of you who are reflection-lookers like myself can enjoy a nice peek at my camera and Finley in my sunglasses.And the barn I was looking at.)

On my way home from work, I took an impromptu side-jaunt into the countryside to give Finley a place to explore. I was trying to find the fox house, an abandoned farmhouse I'd explored years before, so named because a fox jumped out the second-story window and over the head of my sister Noni, who was standing directly beneath.

We stopped for a few minutes at one of my favorite old school buildings. It still has old desks in it, and a long blackboard in the one school room. Plus lots and lots and LOTS of bird poop. It's been a popular nesting spot for swallows through the years.


I always get such a magical feeling when I explore one of these old buildings. It's like time travel, and I wish I could linger longer.

 Then I realize it's winter and I can't feel my fingers---welp, time to go!

I never did find the fox house, but I ran into my good friend who was out running her mail route and she took me along a back road to the coolest place, one I never would have found on my own. I guess it used to be a family home and they just collected old buildings, having them hauled in as it suited their fancy.

Not everyone can say they're a building hoarder.

Such a neat place to explore, but I had to limit my wanderings because I'd forgotten my cell phone in the car. Round these here parts you just don't explore in the winter without a cell phone.

I did have enough time to discover the world's largest empty tin can collection!

I left with many internal promises to return another day with my cell phone in pocket and and my better camera in hand.

Maybe when it's a tad warmer, too.

Then it was off to my friend's house for the main reason for the day off. I'm trying to get back in the habit of posting on my Little House in the Prairie blog after not failing to post for two years. Two. Years.

I managed to make one post while I was recovering from surgery, but this was to be my next attempt. My friend had kindly volunteered her mountain man husband for the occasion. You can read that post here.

Ah! There's nothing like spending a relaxing afternoon learning to pour lead bullets for your muzzle loader. In case the British attack or something.

Yes, it was a lovely day. And what better way to finish off a lovely day than with a lovely oven full of lovely fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies...

I'm going to have to do this more often.

If only I wasn't so terribly fond of having silly little things like food, gas, and electricity!

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