Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flight of the Flutist

Our local Adventist pastor is a remarkable person, at least for a Californian used to pastors that huff and puff over having two or sometimes even THREE churches to minister to. Pastor Milton Fish ministers to four congregations spread over a distance of 137.76 miles in one direction and 91.79 miles in another. He never complains (at least where anyone can hear him!) and cheerfully drives around for business meetings, socials, prayer meetings, and all the other functions of church-hood. And to top it all off, he plays the flute, noblest of all instruments.

This Sunday was the annual Community Christian Concert in Plentywood, organized by another member of our wonderful church family, Trish. Pastor Fish had agreed to join our little troupe of flutists, now numbering three since Tiggy began learning the flute last year. I chose the flute as my instrument of choice back in third grade, and that disgustingly talented Noni plays the flute simply because she can (Along with every other instrument. A regular one woman orchestra, she is.)

Friday afternoon our trembling, under-practiced trio received word that the pastor was called away unexpectedly by the impetuous arrival of his newest grandson. Suddenly half our melody section was on its way to Chicago and Tiggy was a little nervous about carrying the whole thing herself.

I had problems of my own to worry about. I had promised to create a Galilean fishing boat backdrop to match the program theme of "Follow Me." I had done better than usual with my preparations, because on Thursday I bought the foam board I needed for it, but that was as far as I'd gotten. Saturday night found me painting away while the rest of the family watched a movie. But it all turned out, and I even had a scrap that looked enough like a wave to be drafted into service.

Sunday morning I put the last touches on everything, got my food ready, and piled in the car to get to Plentywood. When I got there, Trish had gathered some greenery and other fishing-themed decorations. It all went together quite well, but I found myself needing some kind of earth-toned fabric to wrap around the plants on the shore side. I sent Laura out to the car to scavenge what she could, and I don't think very many people guessed that the shore was really two pairs of Caleb's khaki pants and one of his dark brown shirts. I used my jacket and purse to make the waves in the blue fabric, so I didn't even have to worry about carrying them around.

The concert was lovely, filled with many blessed performances. Our rendition of "Once to Every Man and Nation" went decently, for which we were all grateful! We even met another flute player, so next year we can have a quintet if the pastor doesn't have another grandbaby waiting in the wings.


  1. The scenery looks great! What songs did your trio play?

  2. Thank you, and we played "Once to Every Man and Nation." Only one song this year, and that was plenty to worry about!