Monday, March 28, 2011

Snow Bunnies of Westby

The east wind has been blowing for days now. Most of the winter it blew from the west and I have quite a few protective snow walls built up in that direction. I had snow walls on the south-east side of my driveway, too, but they were smaller and the blowing snow has now filled up behind them. So any enterprising snowflakes blow straight across the drift before settling in the vacancy of my driveway. I shall have to hang a "No Vacancy" sign because my driveway up by the house is completely and solidly filled in to a depth of about 5 feet.

This is sad when you are walking out to a car, parked in the far distance, carrying a pot of soup or a basket of laundry, but it is great fun for winter play. It is like having a snow park in my front yard. Sadly , I have been unable to find my royal sled; I fear it has blown away and will only be found once the snow melts, if even then. But to take its place, we have skis!

The skis have been here all along, abandoned in the barn by the previous owners. Laura and I played with them at the start of the winter, but we only had one pole and it was too much work to ski with one pole and the snow shovel so we left them alone. Sabbath as Laura and I were out having a nature plod we saw the other pole leaning against the barn. What fun! We went cross country skiing, the skis falling off every few yards since there is nothing but a pinchy clip to hold our snow boots to the skis.

It was so much fun that we had to have Noni and her kids out the next morning for some serious downhill skiing. Devon got to go first, since it was his birthday snow day. He fearlessly plunged down the hill at almost 5 miles per hour...maybe. After Devon, the ski referee (we really, REALLY need more than one pair by next winter) decreed that it was Noni's turn to try. She had never been on skis, due in part to a reluctance by our parents to pay for broken limbs to be set, so it was high time to discover if this was the sport she would be a 'natural' at.

Devon had skied ONE WHOLE TIME, so of course he was qualified to be Noni's tutor. All of us were yelling advice and encouragement as Noni shoved off. Devon stayed beside her the whole way as she crept down the slope, gradually losing momentum before sinking into the snow. And falling on her face.

Each of the girls had a turn, and of course I did, too, but since my guests could only stay a short time, I tried to be less piggy than usual. I decided the first hill must have been too challenging for Noni, so before it was time to leave, Noni tried one more slope, even more gentle than the first. I feel she was much improved in her execution and I found her hopeful, "Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh" mantra charming, though it was evident this was NOT a case of mind over matter. For all her improvement, "the end" was much the same.

After hand warming and refreshments, it was time to walk out to the car. We all suited up and prepared to tackle the drifts. The snow in this storm has had much bigger, fluffier flakes than usual, so the drifts are more challenging to traverse, as Cousin Clancy found to his surprise.

And Noni.

It's Monday night, and the solid mass of snow in my driveway hasn't gotten plowed yet. The school bus didn't even try to make it today, but the driver has promised to at least make the attempt tomorrow. And maybe, just maybe, the snow plow driver will get to my driveway, too. A girl can hope!


  1. Chrissy the HyphenatedMarch 29, 2011 at 7:13 AM

    LOL, wonderful post and pics! You probably know this already, but this is a LOT easier if you have the boots that go with the clippy thingie.

    My old x-country ski boots and clamps even had little peg dealies on the clamp that went into little holes on the part on the boot toes that jutted out for the clamp.

  2. I've been pinning my hopes on that fact. Of course if we had the right equipment we'd do much better! Olympians, practically. The one nice thing about this system is you can simply step off if you develop a problem....something that seems to happen quite a bit.