Monday, January 2, 2012

Figure Skating---It Looks Different Here

This winter has been the opposite of last winter. Hardly any snow, weather in the 20's-30's most days. We even had rain last week, though nobody wants that because it makes ice EVERYWHERE! But this warm, tropical bliss has put a certain crimp in winter sports. All the gear I bought or scrounged last year---3 sets of skis, 3 snowboards, a couple sleds, and a couple saucers---languish in my shed. All except for one snowboard that sad, pathetic children use to slide down my 6 foot tall gravel pile. It really is disappointing.

But one activity shines through and gives us hope. It is one that we WEREN'T able to do at all last year, but after the flooding of spring, the prairie is littered with frozen ponds perfect for that most graceful of all winter sports---figure skating.

I happen to be quite good at it, as you can see from the photos. Almost Olympian in my skills. But somehow I just don't look like they do on TV.....Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Poetry in motion!

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