Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Caleb and Tiggy's Portraits

I think my two most recent career paths might just be mutually exclusive---cat herder and songbird rehabilitator. I could have made a chicken by now out of the feathers I've vacuumed off my carpet, but sadly, those birds were beyond rehabilitation. Every once in a while we get a live one, though, and that's what happened last night.

Esther had a blackbird pinned down in the front yard when we got home. I could see it breathing from the car, so I leaped out and rescued it before she could take off with it. (For some reason she thinks every time she has a prize I am out to steal it. Too lazy to hunt for myself, I guess.) It had a deep cut by its neck, but other than that was in OK shape so I put it up for the night.

This morning I let it go after packing the wound with antibiotic ointment. Both wings seem to be working OK, but the cats can just stay in the house for a few days and give it a chance to recover. I'd let it heal in the house, but I don't think I can offer an atmosphere conducive to convalescence! Something about 7 cats staring at you while licking their chops.....

Anyway, that's what I've been doing this morning---now back to blogging.

One other thing we did on our trip to Fargo was take portraits of both Caleb and Tiggy. Caleb wanted some for his birthday and Tiggy wasn't going to rest until she got graduation portraits. There was a cute little town on the route, so we stopped there for about a half an hour and took a few shots. I would have liked to spend more time, but we got into Fargo after 10:00 as it was.

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