Monday, November 26, 2012


Well, we've lived in the Wild West for over 2 years now. It was bound to start rubbing off on us eventually. Last week, us girls got to let our hair down and have some fun being cowgirls. In name only, of course. No actual cows or horses were harmed in the making of our rough-and-tumble personas. Except possibly the cow that was involved with the creation of my leather cowboy boots. That cow may have experienced some negative effects.

I needed to do something for my Little House blog, something involving cowboys, since that's what the chapter was about. I decided to get some nice boots and have my picture taken in a Western-style outfit. Since my mom is working on a Super Secret Project that involved needing Western wear, I decided she had to be part of it, too.

And then when we got back from our Mommy-daughter shopping date (you've never HEARD such whining!), we were both so doggone cute that I had to get Noni in on it, too. So that is how we came to be standing out in a field, in the snow, trading the beaut-i-moose cowboy boots back and forth so we could each have a turn in them.

We did the group pictures and Noni's portraits first, since she had to do a U-haul rental at 1:30. We didn't start until 1:00, so we were a tad rushed. It didn't help when, after running back and forth from starting the timer for all of our group shots, I discovered I hadn't put a memory chip in the camera. That's OK, we liked doing them all twice.

Noni barely made it to the finish line before she got the call for her U-haul. In fact, she was standing on one foot, with one boot on and one boot off when her cell phone rang. "Westby U-haul Rental....," she answered so professionally---while my mom and I snickered in the background.

Then it was my turn for a couple---or 500--beauty shots. My mom was the lucky photographer who got to retake each one that didn't meet my standards of flatteringness. What---you thought I looked like this naturally!?

And of course, my mom got her turn. Photographing her is nearly as thankless as photographing me. I can't blame her....I'm already whiny enough about the aging I've done, and she's had a 30 year head start. But I think she looks great.

 It was a very fun afternoon, but let me tell you, those boots may have been made for walkin', but they weren't made for walkin' in the snow. We had some chilly feet, especially my mom, who brought slipper socks for warmth---only to discover she couldn't fit the boots over them and she had to go sockless.

 We had a great time, though. Even if we did have frostbite by the end.

The End

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