Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cabin-fevered Cats

Now that it's winter, the cats are spending more and more of their time outdoors. I still serve as their doorman on any nice days, but if the weather displeases them, they will go stand in the door for several years before deciding it doesn't meet their standards. At which time they will sniff snootily, stalk back inside, and meow at me as if I was the cause of  it all.

You have no idea how much fun this all is.

But now and again there are occasional bright spots in their noble suffering. Bright spots such as catnip. A few nights ago I took all the cat nip I'd dried, stripped it from the stems, and stored it in a container. The entire house was billowing with heady fumes, and it seemed to affect the cats somewhat.

Most of them contented themselves with rolling around in the stems on the floor, or fighting with the other cats trying to roll around in the stems. Catnip makes them scrappy. Snickers wanted to get closer to the Basket-o-Happiness, so he would jump on the counter every time my back was turned.

Boopsie is notorious for his inability to hold his catnip, and this time was no exception. He spent the evening staggering around, hiccuping softly, before trying to go to bed in the now-empty Basket-o-Happiness. But the Basket-o-Happiness has a rounded bottom and kept tipping over. Finally Boops just gave up and passed out on the floor, half in and half out.

But getting extremely "relaxed" isn't the only entertainment available to cabin-fevered kitties. No, they also have Indoor Tree Climbing. And now, the tree comes complete with sparkly, glittery, entrancing toys dangling from every branch.


They're actually being surprisingly good about the tree. It hasn't fallen over even once yet, which is pretty impressive if you ask me. I do have to re-decorate the same branches several times a day, but I love Christmas anyway, so what's the difference.

I'm sure I'll still be just as excited about trimming the tree for the 1,347th time as I am now.


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