Monday, February 4, 2013

As the Sparks Fly Upward...

A beautiful and peaceful end to another day. A day that brought both joy....

And sorrow.

I spent the day in Williston blowing an obscene amount of money on my monthly shopping trip and three---count 'em----THREE cat spays. In one month. Take my advice. Don't try that at home. But the dreary slog of an all-day shopping trip was lifted by the cheering news when I returned.

"Your dad got the water going again....."

Oh, joy! Oh, great relief! And the fact that he hadn't actually had to do anything but turn the switch on did not detract at all from my elation. And yes, I knew the switch was off---I left it off so it wouldn't burn out the motor, but the water still wasn't pumping the last time I tried it. Either the pipes finally melted or my theory that a good bit of rest will cause mechanical problems to resolve on their own is actually true.

But alas, I was not allowed the pleasure of my happiness for long. On the heels of that great news came the equally tragic tidings....

"....Now your toilet's not working."

Sadly, the freshly-pumped water now sits in a toilet that leaks all over the floor if you try to----what we'll delicately call----flush.



  1. Yes, the photos are gorgeous. Tina, if the water is leaking UNDER the toilet, your problem may be as simple as needing a new wax ring, which is a cheap fix.