Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cross-country Skiing

This winter has been a very bad one for ice skating. Our little pond was buried early on under a mountain of snow, and has since undergone several warm days that melted and hardened everything into impenetrable peaks and valleys. I don't think there's much hope for it.

With my Olympic career as a figure skater cut tragically short, I've had to cast about for other sports towards which to direct my athletic prowess. Which brings me to the subject of cross-country skiing.

When we moved out here, the kids unearthed a couple of pairs of skis in the barn. We goofed around with them a little the first year, but didn't do very much. Last winter had almost no snow, so there was little opportunity. This year, we've gotten them out again and figured out that they are cross-country skis.

Of course, we only have the skis and poles, no boots. But each ski has a little bar that can be pulled over your snow boots, forming a very loose and very temporary hold. I happen to be the only one with feet small enough to fit through, so I spend a lot less time falling off my skis and a lot more time skimming over the fields.....comparatively speaking.

I handle this with much grace and can be heard calling little words of encouragement back over my shoulder....


"You fell off AGAIN! Bwahahahahaha!"

"Bet you wish you had feet as small as mine!"

I should be a coach!

Last Sabbath I had Tiggy out for the afternoon. Caleb stayed at church to frolic since we were coming back for game night anyway. By the time we finished feeding and taking care of Grandpa, the sun was low in the western sky. It was almost 40 degrees and gorgeous weather for a ski adventure. This was Tiggy's first time cross-country skiing, so there was the added anticipation of seeing her flail around.

Sigh. Good times, good times.

Tiggy did not disappoint in  the flailing department. Eventually I let her in on the secret that she was supposed to take steps on the skis, not heave herself along using only the poles.

We made faster progress after that.

The fields were bathed in a sunset glow, little stalks from last year's wheat harvest still visible above the snow...

 Our skis cut crisp tracks through the snow....mostly going in straight lines because I don't know how to turn yet. We make a lot of geometrical figures.

Our little farm against the sunset. Time to head back...

Then we headed off into the sunset for a rollicking evening playing games with our Plentywood church family. What a fun day!

Snow bunnies!!!!!!!

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