Friday, March 15, 2013


The weather lately has been a capricious mix of snow and sun. We'll have days and days of warm weather---just long enough for the cats to say, "At last! Spring has sprung!"---before it all comes crashing down in another storm.

This makes for some cranky cats.

The only thing that lightens their doldrums during yet another snow storm is our wide-screen TV, otherwise known as the picture window. See, the birds around here are wary, skittish even. But during a storm, while the cats are penned restlessly inside, the birds come right up by the house.

Somehow the little feathered fiends KNOW.

You can see poor Boopsie's disabled ear in this picture. He got a touch of frost bite and now it flops.

One enterprising sparrow came right up and fluttered around the window. Fulton nearly gave himself a concussion!

Of course, not every moment is spent in breathless anticipation. Some of the time is spent resting up for action once the weather clears. Or something. It could just be that they're all a bunch of bums.

But every storm has an end, and eventually the cats get to go outside again. Thankfully!

Meanwhile, the humans are left with the task of digging ourselves out. After our last blizzard, the driveway was choked up again. I had moved the van outside the trees, so we still had transportation, but it was kind of a long walk up to the house.

That's why I have children....

Caleb, bringing our drinking water up to the house.

I was VERY glad the snowplows came through before I got home from my monthly trip to Walmart because I was not looking forward to hauling in all that stuff. Or watching Caleb do it---too, too exhausting, don't you know.

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