Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I WAS Pajama Mom

My sister and I call it "the little voice." You know, the little voice whispering in your mind when God tries to stop you from doing something you'll regret. I wish it did more than whisper---megaphones and a 95-piece band come to mind---but I guess the idea is to train your mind to listen.

I'm not so good at listening. I'm a Day, and we don't listen, we talk.

Every week Caleb gets to stay late one day at school so he can work out. I drive down and get him after an hour and we head home. Very simple and straightforward. Last week was no exception, so when the little voice questioned whether I really ought to go in my pajama pants, I mentally shrugged my shoulders and headed out the door.

After all, I knew the routine and had all the contingencies worked out. If Caleb didn't see me, I had my phone and could call and have him paged. I guess God just hadn't noticed how prepared I was.

I parked the car and waited. I was just pulling out my phone to call when I saw Caleb coming out the front door. Smooth as silk. He walked up to the window and said.....

"Hey, Mom----it's Parent Teacher Conference today!"

Urge. To. Kill.

At that point he glanced down and saw my cheerful blue star pajamas.

"Ummmm. Can you run home and change?"

No, I could not make a twenty mile round trip and take an extra 45 minutes of time.

"But Moooooooooooom! I get 100 extra credit points in accounting and 10 extra credit points in English, and five extra credit......"

I steeled my maternal spirit and prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for my child. I couldn't let silly pride stand in the way of his academic success. I needed to let him know that he was more important to me than my sartorial success. I knew he'd be touched.

"Wait! You're not getting out like that, are you!? Can't you run home and change? Pleeeeeeeeeease?????"

Look, kid, take it or leave it.

The greedy urge for easy extra credit overcame his shame and I was allowed to enter the school. I will draw a veil over the trauma of the next half hour. During which I roamed the halls, met with teachers, and waited in line with other (well-dressed) parents. I do have to give credit where credit is due---all the teachers managed to keep their eyes up on my face. Very professional.

Suffice it to say that Caleb was very sternly warned that if he failed to bring the note home about PT Conference---and I happened to show up in pajamas---that I didn't CARE how many extra credit points he'd miss. There was enough love to do this once, but no more than that!

Pajama Mom is ready for Parent Teacher Conference!

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