Friday, May 31, 2013

My New Pet

I didn't actually set out to get a new pet....

I didn't think I needed a new pet....

But I ended up with one anyway, even though our relationship is unorthodox, to say the least!

See, Caleb started his summer job on Tuesday (love you, Summer Job!) and my part, as the loving, supportive mum, is to take him to work at 7:00 every morning----FOR THE ENTIRE SUMMER . He owes me.

And every morning, we kept passing a hawk sitting in a tree.  I was getting a little suspicious that all was not well, and when I saw the hawk walking across the road like a penguin my suspicions were confirmed. The poor hawk has an injured wing and is unable to fly.

I did the good citizen thing and called it in, but the state department informed me that raptors are covered by the federal Fish and Game, and the Fish and Game receptionist transferred me to the law enforcement branch---who hasn't returned my calls. And since the entire business is located in Bismarck, 4.5 hours away, I'm not real hopeful that they're going to be running right up here to help.

Of course, I know that raptors are protected, but I don't know of any law that prevents me from randomly collecting roadkill and putting it under certain random trees. And once the roadkill is there, it's none of my concern if a certain random hawk chooses to eat it.

There's even less of this poor pheasant now!

I never knew that roadkill was so rare until I started looking for it.  There's none to be found anywhere, in spite of the fact that people drive like maniacs around here. So I've had to supplement wild fare with some randomly deposited raw hamburger. This vegetarian finds the price of beef shocking these days!

Hopefully, I'll still be able to get in touch with Fish and Game. Or maybe, after this blog they'll be getting in touch with me! With handcuffs! I know it's probably not going to be feasible to get the hawk to a wildlife rescue. It will probably need to be humanely shot.

But I'll be switched if it's going to starve to death right in front of me.

Not when I can do something about it.


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