Monday, June 10, 2013

The Black Hole Claims Me Again

I haven't posted in a while. (You know you missed me. C'mon, admit it!) It's because once again I've entered the sucking black hole that is Children's Divisions at campmeeting. Don't get me wrong---I love doing it, but I struggle with a certain genetic defect that leaves me chronically ill-prepared.


It's tragic.

Evidently, my brother suffers from the same malady, because he emailed me this graphic in solidarity. I feel it sums up my work style perfectly. It's like he knows me...

(If it resonates with you too, here is the link to buy the T-shirt: )

So this week, I have been super busy doing the art work for our Primary program. There might not be much Program, but the art will be great! And hopefully I'll get some of the actual material prepared when I get to Bozeman.

We leave tomorrow, so what will be painted has been painted. The lawn is mowed. The dishes are washed. The house is----don't push it. Time for one quick blog, then a shower, and packing.

The theme for this year is "Building on the Rock", using the parable of the Wise and Foolish Men as a base. We're encouraging the kidlets to build good characters using Jesus as their model. To illustrate it, I knew I wanted to make two buildings, and somewhere along the way I was inspired to make them cabins and set the scene in a Montana wilderness.

Here are a couple pictures of the Foolish Man's house being created...

The Wise Man's house is much smaller because it's going to be up on a cardboard rock mountain, but it turned out SO cute. One of the charming little quirks that I've come to accept about myself is that I pretty much think everything is going to look terrible while I'm making it. And am so thrilled when it always (usually!) turns out in the end.

If you've ever wondered how to paint a log cabin while panicked, here are some step-by-step photos....

After priming the Styrofoam insulation,  I drew the details on with a sharpie and began to work in the log details by striping light brown on the top and dark brown and black on the bottom, blending with the brush as I painted. I also painted on the ends, but that seriously should have waited until I had the logs done!

 I added some shadow details with additional black to make the entrance section "pop".

I painted the ends of the logs and added bark circles around them. I also worked in the door with black paint and a wet brush.

Almost done! I striped some light paint for the roof, using a wet brush. I could have done a better job, but the log cabin love was just about used up by that point. I also painted the windows in and shaded them in the corners.

Phew! All done and straight into Westby to catch a ride to Bozeman. The whole process of styrofoam art took several days of cramming work in wherever I could, so I was very glad to be done, and very thankful for my wonderful niece who helped by priming all the pieces.

As soon as my buildings were safely on their way, it was time to turn my thoughts to a horror I'd been avoiding for weeks....


to be cont..........

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