Monday, December 16, 2013

Pine Forests and Prairies

When photo cards were first coming into style, I used to hate the ones that had autumn photos on them---you know, orange leaves, golden colors, the whole bit. Autumn? Come on, folks---Thanksgiving is over with. What I want to see is Christmas trees, poinsettias, and snow.

After some years of doing my own cards, I now understand those autumnal themed offerings. There are only a few options for the photo card enthusiast...

  • You can set up a false indoor scene sometime during the summer or fall and swelter in sweaters to look fakely festive.

  • You can procrastinate and take the indoor pictures once you get your decorations up, leaving you only days to finish up your Christmas card list.

  • You can procrastinate until it gets snowy and do beautiful outdoor  portraits that capture the exact moment you got frostbite. You still have only days to finish up your Christmas card list, but now you have no fingers to write with.

  • OR, you can take a nice autumn portrait and mash it up with a Christmas-themed card template.

I understand why the last option has always been so popular!

But the well-traveled road has never been my style, which is why yesterday found me and the kids out shivering in the snow while my mom---who looked like a singularly well-insulated polar bear with a bad attitude---took our pictures.

The setting was a very peaceful one. A little farm-country cemetery with some pine trees planted along the edge for shelter----hey, around here you go where the trees are!

It might look like we were in the middle of a pine forest, but 10 steps to either side brought you to the wide open prairie again. Another illustration of why I love the deceptive abilities of photography!

I love this one. It's so sweet to see them enjoying each other's company in positive ways (those of you with teens know a little of what I'm talking about!)

 It was a lovely, lovely day. There are few things I enjoy more than indulging in an afternoon of unrealistic beauty and style, not to mention unnaturally well-behaved children!

So from all of us, have a very merry Christmas. Spend it making memories with the ones you love.

And that love you.

Those are the moments that matter.

(And if you can do it while looking really cute and rocking really great hair, so much the better!)

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