Friday, December 20, 2013

The Bromance

 Finley is the apple of my eye, my pride and joy. He's also a big stupid head when it comes to other dogs. An aggressive coward, he feels he must attack first or be dismembered. Or something. The dogs he know, he gets along with quite well. In fact, he's been very lonely since his sister died over a year ago.

But no longer.

We have a special friend visiting for the holidays. His name is Cooper and he an English Setter. He is also is Very Excited to be here!

Cooper has never been an Inside Dog before! He has no Manners!

He likes to Put His Feet Up On Counters! To see what's Up There! Because it smells Good! But at least he is Good With Cats!

Finley is Not Sure About All This!

Finley in The Bedroom
 In fact, Finley is pretty sure this is a Bad Idea!

Finley thinks Cooper should Go Home!

Especially since Finley has to spend a lot of time in The Bedroom now! Howling! While Cooper gets to Wander Around The House! Even though Cooper Peed On A Chair! (Cooper regrets this little error. He was Excited!)

But things are Looking Up! They are considering an Uneasy Truce because Finley is getting Very Tired of The Bedroom!

Peace on earth! 

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