Monday, September 1, 2014

A Few Random Pictures From a Random Trip

I am currently enjoying a wonderful vacation in California. So far, it has mostly consisted of sitting on my butt talking or taking naps.

So nice.

I did manage to change out of my pajamas briefly yesterday and go into Public. And as long as I'd gone to all the trouble of dressing, I took a few pictures here and there.

California is in the middle of another Historic Drought (they've been in the middle of one historic drought or another for approx. the last 200 years...) and I stopped by to see how low the local reservoir had fallen. I do have to say, it is impressively low. Hopefully California will get some rain this winter and end the Historic Drought---just in time for the next one to start!

I love the California foothills---this is truly the Golden State.

As long as I was wearing actual clothes, I thought I'd have a little fun with the self-timer. Sometimes it's difficult for a photographer to prove he or she actually existed, since they are never actually IN any pictures.

Beautiful sunset to end a nice, lazy day. I am not convinced I will manage to find my way back home again when my vacation is over. I am sure my mom would love to fall heir to my various furry felines and cavorting canines.

Yeah. Sure.

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