Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Disco Closet. Not Everyone Has One!

Having arrived in Westby and surrounding parts ready to settle down and settle in, I next bent my attention to preparing my belongings for winter. Most of my things were stored in Noni's spare house and, since I'm not going to have a house of my own for a while, they needed to be repacked. Not everything in the boxes was compatible with sub-zero temperatures.

Now that my trailer had safely arrived and been installed in the charming town of Grenora, I also needed to work on the wonderful 70's explosion that was my trailer. It needed both practical and aesthetic improvements. My first large project was putting in carpet. I had purchased a carpet remnant and some padding remnants in California, knowing that I didn't have enough carpet to quite cover the floor, but figuring that some was better than none, I persevered.

The first thing I discovered was that cutting the foam padding is hard work and dulls utility blades VERY QUICKLY. Later, oh so much later, I discovered that it works much better to cut from the bottom so you cut the netting first. Then the rest of the cut is much easier! After my dubious triumph over the padding, it was on to the carpet. The carpet looked like a crazy quilt once I carefully cut all the pieces I could get out of my remnant (and as you can see, I had very, very few scraps left!), but a little charming taupe duct tape on all the seams and it looked great. If you squint, you can almost think the duct tape is wood trim. Almost.

After the carpet, it was time to insulate. I had two rolls of foil bubble-wrap like material that I planned to put on the inside of all my cupboards for a little extra insulation against the frigid North. It worked OK, and I got almost all of my cupboards done before my supply ran out. I was especially fond of my closet once the insulating makeover was complete. I call it my disco closet and hope to find an inexpensive disco ball to hang there at some point. It would feel right at home.
I still have so much more to do to prepare for winter, including getting my door fixed. It has decided to quit latching, and I now hold it closed with a leash each night. Not surprisingly, that doesn't do much for keeping out drafts. But, fortunately for my bank account and unfortunately for my time, I have a job now, which is keeping me busy and keeping me not working on my trailer. I suppose when I have icicles hanging off my nose I shall be able to dig deep and find the time, but then again, maybe if I delay someone might do it for me....Hmmmmmmmm.......
Affordable housing, North Dakota Style.

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