Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good-bye, Taco Bell

A perfect illustration of the truth that merely believing in something is not enough. Time to go, and Jackie really, really believed she was going with us. But, alas, believing was not enough without facts to back it up, and she was left behind while Finley and Anika rode in regal splendor down the driveway.
I left California early Sunday morning, unsure of how far I'd get that day, but knowing I had to be in Bozeman at 11:00 the next morning for an appointment. Nevada was, well, NEVADA, and there's not much else to say about it. I did finally stop at a fascinating looking California Trail museum out by Elko after years of wanting to stop but never having the time. It was closed for the season.

To add to my distaste of Nevada, when I stopped in Wells to see if I could get a headlight bulb since mine was out, the kind gentlemen at the SHELL STATION IN WELLS, NV tried to fleece me. They began an elaborately concerned act about my something or other in my right front tire. It wouldn't have made any difference if I was gullible, since I had no money for repair. I brightly told them that I'd just have to pray about it, and God would just have to get me to North Dakota safely. After I left, I called my dad who confirmed they had been attempting to hornswoggle me. As Noni says, "Wells is a great place......to leave!"

I stopped at my traditional rest stop by Jackpot and let the poochies out to play in the water, then continued on my push through Idaho. I was able to get a bulb in Idaho Falls and installed it myself, thank you very much. Unfortunately, darkness overtook me before reaching my favorite part of the journey, the little sideswipe through Yellowstone. However, I was able to reach Bozeman by 12:00 that night after 17 hours on the road.

A successful visit with John on the beautiful school campus, and a completed appointment later, I was on the road again heading ever farther east. In Billings it was time for another bitter-sweet farewell, this time to a very important part of my life. Taco Bell. Still, I can hope for occasional reunions, since there is one where both kids go to school.

Much, too much of Montana later, I arrived in Westby, exhausted, but relieved that I wouldn't have to make that trip again for a while. Now it's time to unpack, sort, get ready for winter, fix up my trailer, look for a job, and do all the miscellany required to downsize a 4 person household into a functional trailer-size unit.

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