Friday, September 10, 2010

A Photographic Synopsis of Summer

This summer was nothing like I naively expected it to be back in May. I had a whole idea of how it would go, what we would do, and how it would end up. Phooey on that! I can't complain (even though I think that's what I'm doing...) because while our summer experience wasn't what I expected it to be, with God's help we all ended up at the right destinations.

John spent the summer in Georgia working as a Bible worker's assistant. He had fun, got to experience summer in the south, but that removed him from all our activities. He was gone by the 4th of July when we visited the ghost town of Alkabo.We explored the old school house, played on the playground (and let me tell you, things were a lot more fun on playgrounds before they discovered safety), then came home for fireworks in the driveway.

We went swimming,

visited museums,

and finally it was time for Caleb to go to his school.

After Caleb was in school, Laura and I made a quick trip out to California to help my mom pack and to pick up more of our stuff. We also delivered the world's most sweet and innocent border collie pup to my parents for their viewing pleasure.
They called her Jacqueline Hyde due to her split personality. She is the wildest, harum-scarum dog I've ever had the privilege to cuddle with. The perfect companion for their old age; they'll never stagnate while she's around!

When we returned, it was time to claim our North Dakota residency heritage, so we began camping 15 or so miles across the border at Lake Skjermo. It was different, being one of the homeless population, camping in our car. Never thought that would happen! We had tried a tent, but the first time we left it up the wind blew it over and broke it. >:( Still, the surroundings were beautiful, we could always go swimming, and the lightning shows were some of the most spectacular I've ever seen.

Inevitably, the summer rolled to a close and it was time for the other kids to start school. Laura enjoyed transforming her dorm room. As a young lady who had stayed in a made-over closet for the last 8 years, having all that space of her own was quite intoxicating.

John was picked up at the airport later that week, after being 'lost' by the airlines for a second time and spending the night at the airport in Nebraska. We left a couple days later to drop him off on the other side of Montana on my way out to California. His school is located in one of the purtiest places on earth. It's an outdoors-man's paradise. Lots of hiking, skiing, and exploring to do.

I've been out in California for the last 3 weeks having a lovely time packing and shopping at all the thrift stores. Now I need to get back, get settled, and get a job. I am leaving tomorrow night for the long trek east to my home in North Dakota. Oddly enough, I'm bringing my home with me on the trip, as well.

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  1. Wow Tina! Have you considered writing a book? I know your journey isn't quite over, however your life seems exciting and worth sharing with others especially single mothers who have children younger than yours.