Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fun on the Prairie

Some people might think that there isn't much to do way out here in the middle of nowhere. I'm a firm believer that you can make your own fun wherever you are, so I've compiled a pictorial guide to having winter fun on the prairie.

The most obvious source of fun is the snow that you find everywhere. Pooh on snow. I am bored with snow. The kids still play in it, but until I have snowshoes, a sled, or a snowmobile, I have plumbed the depths of snowiness. Maybe I will make my own snowshoes. Maybe I will make my own snowmobile!

The dogs find the pastime of chasing deer absolutely enchanting. I must confess I haven't managed to work up much enthusiasm for it, but a couple more months of winter and you never know. I'll be right out there, neck-and-neck with Jackie and Finley! (Jackie is the tiny closing-in-fast speck on the far right of the frame. The one not touching the ground.)

Of course playing games and watching movies are old stand-bys. We tried that one Saturday night, but it devolved into an impromptu session of throwing popcorn for the dogs to catch. And then for the children to catch. Sigh. Spring can't be far off....

Crafts are always an option. Laura made the family a very unique Christmas tree this year. It was time to open presents, but we were doing it at my parents' house which didn't have a tree. Everyone knows you can't open presents without a tree, so Laura took a branch that my dad had trimmed off the front yard tree and duct-taped it together to make a very handsome specimen, if I do say so myself.

Even worthwhile occupations like work can be fun if you make it fun. Why, Damon and Tiggy had a blast on their Spring Break digging under my house. Tiggy's creativity was even stirred to the point of composing songs about the process.

So you see, there is fun everywhere. Just look around you and you will see plenty of opportunities to create your own special memories!

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