Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hauling Off the Detritus

A picture of me working on the plumbing under the house.

I'm becoming acquainted with the wonderful concept of a February thaw. I've been watching the temperatures climb on the 10-day forecast, eagerly awaiting the day it would reach a projected high of 40 degrees. Never one to waste an opportunity, I've been using the unseasonably warm temperatures to clean under my house.

No one has cleaned under there in years, and while I readily understand why, I can't help wishing some resourceful previous resident had already had the gumption to get in there and give it a good clearing-out. It was filled with assorted tools, long since rusted into an unusable condition, canning jars so old their contents were little dried puddles of black swamp-ooze, and random larger items, such as rusted pumps and old windows.

We've made a lot of progress since these 'before' pictures were taken, and it's getting a lot nicer underneath there. I may even throw some doilies around when I finish!

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