Thursday, February 24, 2011

National Beauty Day

A few weeks ago I picked up a formal for Laura at the local thrift shop. The theory was that I'd do her pictures, she'd show them around, and everyone would want me to take their pictures, too. We joked she could hold a sign in each of the pictures, "You, too, can look like this! Call my mom at....". I didn't make her hold the sign. Maybe that's where I went wrong, but so far no one's contacted me. Or maybe it's that the natives are too smart to go parading around for pictures in February!

We waited until a "warm" day, all the way up in the 30's. We thought we'd be able to do it Sunday, but while that day was warm, it also had gale force winds. Not very conducive to elegant posing. So we had to do it after school, quickly transforming Laura and dashing out the door to catch the last of the sunshine. Did I mention that it was getting colder as the sun set? But Laura was a trooper, and after her cells unclenched she was quite relaxed, cozy even.

A special thank you to Tiggy, who is training to be my photographer's apprentice and came along to tote the camera bag. She also carried Laura's sweater so she could cover up as soon as there was a tiny break in the photography. I think all our chilly work turned out very well, and it was fun to do some portraiture again.


  1. She has grown into quite a pretty young lady.

  2. Picture in the sweater is awesome. Life and Fun show in her eyes. A super candid pic that takes you into the "model's" heart and mind.

    From "What a Hoot" -- Had to go Anonymous as couldn't get the thing to take open id or wordpress --

  3. These are gorgeous!