Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Flooding Continues

I wanted to title this blog, "The Most Sensational Pictures From the Minot 2011 Floods", but I questioned whether that would meet my standards of strict journalistic integrity. You see, I can see certain information about who is looking at my blog and why. Nothing very creepy and detailed, just countries and sometimes the Google searches that led them to me.

Searches like, "dangerous wildlife of North Dakota", "cookies blech" (google it sometimes---quite fascinating), and my personal favorite, "for the last time we are not ninjas". But in the last day, I have had over 90 hits looking for pictures of the floods in Minot.

I feel a little guilty, sure they are going away disappointed, but while our flood is not as dramatic as one involving a city of over 40,000, it is no less important to our daily lives. Wonder of wonders, we've gone 2 whole days without significant rain, and have 2 more days in the forecast, but the water is still piling up from Sunday.

Monday morning, I braved the water across the road to Westby, but once I got to the other side, I knew I wouldn't be back that way in the afternoon. All the way up the shallow slope I could see water pooling up in any low spot, only to spill over and head downhill to the next low spot.

By the time I came back, the water was over all 4 roads leading up to the four-way intersection, with a tiny dry spot in the very middle. The girls had to stop and wade of course, and I took a couple more pictures. This next photo shows the road that I drove in on that evening, though I've taken the shallower road since then.

The ducks love it, and have accepted with careless nonchalance the roadway as a delightful addition to their habitat. Ducks sit on the dry road a good share of the time anyway. Apparently, they like it just as well wet, though it is a tad disconcerting to have to wait for the ducks to swim out of the way before you can drive through!

Today I drove to Crosby along the Highline, the highway that goes across the top of the western states. It is a main thoroughfare, but a large inland sea that has slowly been encroaching on it for the last couple months has breached the roadway. As you can see from the pictures, there is a LOT of water involved, and if it gets deeper, there really won't be much more to do but wait for it to go away.

On my way home, coming from the east side this time, I found my way blocked yet again by more flooding, so there was another detour there. At least I am getting to know all the country back roads! I was interested to see that there is water already backing up in two places on the only other access I have to my road. Not over the road yet, but it won't take much to tip it over the edge. I can't wait until I have to boat out of here...

The sunset reflecting in the "road".


  1. Your reactions say "funny", "interesting" and "I'd never do that". What about "You are nuts to continue living there"? That gets my vote.


  2. Tina, I gotta tell you, my heart just lurches looking at those. Having grown up in the area, and having visited aunts and uncles and cousins' homes within 5 miles of where you are in my childhood....all I remember of those places and those years is always, always the shortage of rain; the desperate hope for "rain and the right time;" and that crops would do all right in spite of the lack of rain, most of the time. Seeing this standing water, and realizing how far reaching it all is, just breaks my heart for a lot of reasons.

    Absolutely amazing. Thank you for recording it.

    Even the population of Westby is so small compared to Minot, what individuals deal with isn't that much different. If you have opportunity and folks are willing to talk, I wonder what the lifetimers there are thinking and feeling? They might not be ready to "spill"....but as curious as you are about your surroundings, noticing things as you do, it would be neat if they might talk with you....tell them you know someone from "way back when" who is Lennert Hansen's niece! Thanks again....Sharon