Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm Too Young for a Fortieth!

June 6th was my parents 40th wedding anniversary. I still remember my grandparents 50th anniversary and how old, how very old they both were. It seemed fitting, somehow, that they should be the parents of my mother, who was also very old at the time. Now I am only 10 years away from that myself. And I will be even older than my mom was at her parents' 50th anniversary. It is incredible to me that someone so young, so very young can have such old parents. How did this happen?

Lost in a existential daze for a week or two, it took me a while to get my present to them finished. I decided to make them a cake, because what else do you get the couple that has everything, especially since one member of that couple starts making threats of bodily harm when you bring another thing into her tiny cottage. Something consumable would be just the thing!

I haven't made a nice cake in many years, so it was fun to do, but also frustrating to realize how rusty I have become. And of course, having gotten rid of my decorating supplies before the big move (I'll never use THESE again), I had to buy new stuff and was without many of the tools I would like to have used.

The cake was a dark chocolate layer cake with raspberry and cheesecake custard filling.

I covered it with rolled fondant, since I'd always wanted to try that type of frosting. I liked it about as much as I expected. Blech. It's like covering your caked with delicate white leather.

Then I quickly did a few roses and piped some leaves and other decorations. It turned out OK, but wasn't epic. I'm really going to have to practice again. And I need to get some frosting besides the Walmart decorating frosting. It was difficult to work with, and the consistency of shortening. But other than that, the cake was a delicious triumph!

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  1. Our fortieth is coming up on July 3rd. I'm willing to be a guinea pig (ok - just pig is probably more accurate) if you need more practice. From the pictures it looks awesome to me.

    Congrats to your Mom and Dad!!!!