Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Prune Diaries, Vol. 3

In spite of the growing threats of physical violence soon to be perpetrated upon my person, I continue my quest to develop new and better recipes for the benefit of humanity. Can I help it if my taste-testing days happen to coincide with my days off? It's simply a matter of scheduling, that's all. To believe otherwise is to descend into the darkly shrouded mists of delusional conspiracy theorism. And no brilliant and intelligent and educated person would want to go there.....

At least some of my family supports my dreams. My dad has been very helpful in suggesting creative food dishes for me to try. Today's was one of his ideas, and it marks the first "treat" that I have actually tried myself. But this was good; I really enjoyed it.

The Ploppy Joe

Make sloppy joes as usual, but add in chopped prunes.
Couldn't be easier, and so good for you, too!

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