Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Blustery Day

We had a "blizzard" here over the weekend. I didn't take any pictures either during or after...I guess because  was so crushed with disappointment that I forgot. I haven't gotten snowed in even once this winter and I'd so hoped that this storm would produce that blessed state of too dangerous to go anywhere, but still warm and cozy inside. Nope. We got some freezing rain followed by a respectable amount of snow, but it was all melted by the next day.

Since then, the weather has cooled somewhat and stayed quite windy, especially the first two days. "Quite windy" is somewhat of an understatement. Imagine a wind that starts in Alaska, makes good time across the mountains, and hits the plains with nothing to slow it down until the Atlantic Ocean. I have to wear a hat to make sure my hair doesn't blow right off my head. Makes me wish I hadn't taken down all my warmth-capturing blankets "because spring is here". But it has been great kite flying weather. Too bad we didn't have a kite!

Not to worry, this inventive gal wouldn't let something like that get in the way of frolic. Caleb and I scrounged some old ropes and tied them to a tarp so battered that I wouldn't mind if it blew away. Then all we had to do was walk outside the shelter of trees and let nature do the rest. If only we had on roller skates!

The "kite" had some design flaws. The ropes were different lengths and the corners kept collapsing in on themselves. We are planning to fix that with some light-weight nylon rope threaded through a couple of wooden cross-pieces to hold everything open. Then we just have to wait for the next available Prairie Hurricane Day. If any readers in Minnesota  happen to see something that looks oddly like a human clinging to a tarp, call 911.

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