Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Snapshots from the Edge

Once again, I have been mugged by spring. Not by allergies, but by the sudden influx of tasks that had sat safely and quietly on a shelf for the last 6 months. Suddenly there are lawns to be mowed, weeds to be pulled, plants to be coddled, dirt to be swept....and that's just my work for other people. Then I get to go home and do it all over again for me. Life has become one desperate race against an ever-shrinking 24 hours.

So to catch my faithful readers up quickly, I will synop-size the last month and a half into a short photo essay.....

In April I........

Made a heavenly mansion out of a refrigerator  box
for my Sabbath School.

Here is the finished mansion, sparkly, albeit rather....boxy.

I took a cleanse for my health and outrageously cheated during it,
but I've never eaten so many fruits and veggies in my life.
And I'm a vegetarian!

I adopted a new little stray kitten. What's one more
in the family, anyway?

In May I..............

Enjoyed the spring flowers.

Had a distemper outbreak that put 4 of my cats
in the "isolation" ward.

Got the coolest piece of furniture at the thrift
store and repainted it. (This IS the
repainted version, so don't be insulting!)

Went birthday camping at Lake Skjermo with Caleb.

Saw a mother fox and her two babies right next
to this very fox den. Just before I took the picture.
Isn't that exciting?

Planted a zillion seedlings and nurtured them.
Why do I over-plant EVERY year?
(This photo only shows a fraction of my green extravagance.)

Was reminded that there is some benefit to being awake to see the sun rise!

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