Tuesday, August 14, 2012

O Beautiful.....

I know good mothers aren't supposed to have favorites, but I'll admit it. I do have a favorite. Such a good disposition, superb athletic ability, eye-catching good looks, long whiskers and furry face. Oh, you thought I was talking about one of my HUMAN children! Silly you.

Nope, of all the kitties I've fostered this season, Sweet Petunia is my favorite---there's just something special about her and I was anxious for her to get into a great home.Well, wonder of wonders, an absolutely great home with a friend opened up. And only 591 miles away from Westby! Favorite as she may be, not even I could bring myself to make that kind of trip just to place a cat. Thankfully, my friend's  place happens to be right next to Glacier National Park and it was a simple matter to change the idea from A Ridiculous Cat Odyssey to a Fun Family Vacation. That just happens to have a cat along. (And Finley, of course)

Caleb and I started out at 4:30 Wednesday morning. Our itinerary called for one day over, one day in Glacier, and one day back. We dropped down to Culbertson, then turned west along the hi-line---nothing between us and Glacier but endless miles of prairie. Montana looks like a giant housewife picked it up by its eastern corners, shook it briskly, then set it down with all the mountains, trees, and scenery crowded along its western edge. It would be 8 hours before we saw much else besides spacious skies and amber waves. Let me tell you, we weren't waxing quite as poetical  as Katharine Lee Bates by the end!

But there was a bright side. Little did I know when I planned my cross-state jaunt that I would end up going on a world tour....all without a passport. Does the Department of Homeland Security know about this?

First a quick stop-off in the Mediterranean. Anyone for a biblical archaeology tour?

Then on to Holland. I've always wanted to see Corrie Ten Boom's house. So close... 
and yet so far.

Switzerland? Pass me some chocolate!

Then it was on to England. Not sure why Devon is forbidden to visit...

And of course, for the history buff, what a treat to see the famed Dunkirk.
I wasn't expecting it to be quite so land-locked.

Last of all we got to visit our old cold-war rivals in Russia. Good thing I speak Russian!
(if you want me to say "thank you, you're welcome, good-bye", or sing a pointless song)

We went to Glasgow too, and for some home-state pride, there was good ol' Fresno, gem of the prairie, but I always forgot to take a picture of them when we went through.

It was a long, hot trip traveling all around the world, but Finley handled it like a seasoned pro---he slept through the whole thing. Petunia seemed a little uptight, though.

We really did have a bit of trouble due to the van-that-overheats-when-you-run-the-air-conditioner-when-it's-hot. That was the main reason we left so early, so we could get as much of the hot part out of the way while it was still cool. We didn't even come close, so we spent some hours sweltering in our own portable hairy sauna. I finally put Petunia in her carrier with a baggy of ice inside to cool it down. Thankfully, she did much better after that. Whose idea was it to dress up in a fur coat in the middle of summer, anyway?

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  1. Boy I wish you could write for AAA Montana. You sure gave us a different perspective of that long drive on #2 across the Hi-line. I love the street sign of 'no Devon'. You must have been driving slow enough to catch that one. Mercy!!! Sure glad you are back home!!! Bev