Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Racism in Red and Blue

I don't normally delve into politics on this blog. For one thing, I'm not that into it anyway, and for another, I don't like the fiery contention that seems to inevitably follow. I like all my friends, Liberals or Conservatives, and have every intention of keeping all of them. That said, I don't think I'll be able to make it all the way through this election cycle without at least a few comments.

Well, actually, I'm pretty sure I won't be able to make it since I am blogging about politics right now.

So last night was the Republican National Convention. I was watching it because it was what was on during my grandpa's mealtime. This is the first year I've ever watched it, but I'm not afraid to admit I enjoyed the parts I saw. As someone with a conservative bent, the ideas expressed by some of the speakers I caught were inspirational and thought-provoking.

I write all this as a disclaimer so you will know I am not trying to claim complete objectivity.

One of the speakers last night was a young women, Mia Love, mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, and congressional candidate. She also happens to be black. She presented her thoughts in an articulate and well-ordered fashion. Her stage presence was professional and animated. I would be scared stiff and sound like a strangling mouse if I tried to give a speech at that level of exposure (be honest, wouldn't you?), but it didn't faze her a bit.

Yet, in spite of her intelligence, articulateness, and professionalism, she was vilified, demeaned, slurred, and insulted online after her speech. Not for her ideas, but for having the audacity to get up and speak at all. Now, you may not agree with Mia Love's ideas. You may even think they are stupid and simplistic drivel designed to placate the imbecilic masses. But why isn't she allowed the freedom to express them without being attacked as a "sell-out"? Attempting to force people into little ideological boxes based on their skin color is...well...racist.

Can't we allow a person of another color to weigh the issues and come to their own conclusions about what they believe is the best path for our country?

Wouldn't the essence of liberalism be to allow EVERYONE the freedom to form and pursue their own beliefs and ideals regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity? I'm sure many of my liberal friends would agree.

Limiting others only limits ourselves.


  1. Some folks like the whole freedom of speech thing a lot better in theory than they do in practice.

  2. I have heard people say the same thing about Colin Powell that he cannot be a Rebublican because of his skin color.

  3. I didn't know political parties came in colors. :p

  4. When you stand for nothing, the only left to do is to play the race card. That is all the left stands for.

  5. From the "tolerant, diversity-loving" left comes intolerant, racist, sexist hate speech.