Monday, September 10, 2012

Grandpa Moves In

Once the carpet was so beautifully installed in the living room, it was time to complete its transformation into a LIVING room in the fullest sense of the word. See, a couple weeks ago my mom thought she might be going out to California to work for Kenny for a couple months. While we were considering the prospect, the obvious question was, "What will we do with Grandpa?" The best solution, under the circumstances, was that he would live with me for the time she was gone.

Well, the trip fell through, but an idea was planted far back in the misty depths of my mind. Having thought through how it would work to have Grandpa at my house, I discovered that in many ways things would be a whole lot better. I could stay home, but still be working, and the prospect of a little time at home was like a siren song to me. Even Grandpa would have an easier time because we'd be able to set up his living situation just right to make care simpler and less strain on him (no more long transfers from bed to chair, when he is most likely to have a seizure, try to slide out of his chair onto the floor, pass out, and sometimes quit breathing). And of course Mom would benefit from a break.

So we decided to go for it. Even if it only lasts for a couple months, I'll get to accomplish stuff at my house, and my mom will be well rested. Well, semi-rested, since she still has to come out and help me when I have to run all over managing MY crazy life.  But she is looking forward to spending all that quality time out at my house. Really.

This past week Grandpa was in respite care at the hospital, so it was a great opportunity to get his stuff moved over and set up. Sunday we did the carpets and Monday we moved his gear (Hey, guess what, kids? We put the "Labor" in Labor Day!) Our disassembly and reassembly of his hospital bed would have made the medical supply guy roll over in his grave if he'd known. And been in a grave. But we muddled through... even though we looked like  a classic episode of "The Three Stooges Put Together a Hospital Bed."

After everything was plunked down in the living room, I began the process of moving it back and forth trying to find the perfect spot for each item. There was some good-natured grumbling from my sherpas, but they kept a good attitude......mostly. And in turn, I tried to keep my shuffling to a maximum of 5 moves per item. Such fun family togetherness! Such memories! All their friends have to remember Labor Day for is swimming, picnics, or watching TV. They got to be interior design interns for the day. How cool is that!



The big question in everyone's minds was, "How is Grandpa going to do with all the cats." Now, my cats aren't spoiled, you understand; they just recognize their rightful  royal spot in the household. How would they take an interloper, and one that was never too crazy about cats in the first place? Almost immediately after moving the furniture in, we got at least a partial answer.

The cats took one look at the hospital bed and said, "Hello, Big Boy! Where have you been all my life? MeeRowr! "

They seemed to think we'd put it there just for them and wondered why it had taken me so long to figure out that a living room bed was a good idea. What was going to happen when they had to share it with someone who was never too fond of cats on his best days?

Turns out there wasn't anything to worry about. The cats stay curled up at his feet (most of the time) and don't seem to bother him (most of the time), probably because he doesn't really seem to notice them. Good thing, too, because Hobbes has always been very fond of his Pop-pops and loves to hang out with him.

Now Grandpa spends his days in a sunny room with a nice, big window in front of him, and lots of colorful things around him (Especially his bedding, which has taken on all the hues of Joseph's coat. I wanted to get a jersey sheet set and the only one I could find was fuchsia---it makes for some pretty creative mixes with my other bedding) . We got his TV installed yesterday (thank you, Noni) and now he can watch his documentaries when he's awake. It's pretty nice, and as for me, well, I've been enjoying my time home.

Isn't it pretty?


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