Sunday, September 23, 2012

Oh, the Beauty of Fall.....

The summer wanes steadily, but leaves in its stead in the glorious spectacle of autumn. The leaves crackle under foot, and the crisp, clean air is an intoxicating brew that inspires one to breathe deep and savor its delightful essence. The birds call to one another as they pass by, hurrying south to warmer surroundings. Oh, there can be no more splendid season than


Help me.

SHE left the computer open and I don't have much time, so listen carefully. I don't think I can last much longer.

It's been 10 days since they got here. Life was good before then, but now it's...I can't describe it. There are no words. We were happy, my little family of fellow cats. Oh, sure, there was one dog, ol' what's-his-name, but he never bothered us.

Why did SHE have to do it?


Weren't we enough?

Got to stay focused. It's so hard. My pulse is pounding. My paws are shaking so bad I can barely type this. PUPPIES! There, I said it. SHE brought in PUPPIES! Two of them; two furry terrors that have made our lives unbearable. I mean, seriously, we're royalty here. Do we need our tails pulled? Do we need our litter boxes raided? Sometimes they even follow us when we do our business outside and eat it when we're done. Like we're some sort of Dairy Queen soft-serve machine! They're not dogs, they're animals!

Do we need to be chased like common...criminals? Do we need.....shudder....our....fur....our beautiful fur.....LICKED? With PUPPY spit?

Have you seen what they put in their mouths?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They don't even know how to use the litter box. They, I can't say it. But I must. They go ON THE FLOOR! We WALK on that floor! SHE gets to wear shoes, but nobody thinks about our feet. That we have to wash with our tongues!

You've got to send help. Call the ASPCA, do something, but don't turn your backs on us. Please don't leave us here to die.You've got to help us! Ple.....

Oh, no, SHE's coming.

Gotta go. Don't forget......


  1. 'um, the cats are taking over your blogspot. You (Tina) could send them over to your sister's to help with her blogspot!!! She needs to get busy. Those yellowstone pictures are still in her camera.............been waiting for an update forever on her's. Bev

  2. ChrissytheHyphenatedSeptember 24, 2012 at 9:30 PM

    ROFLLL ... Back when I had still cats, we brought in a stray rescue while we tried to find a home. The Drama Queen spent her days up on top of the books on the tallest bookshelf, with her head and one front leg kind of dangling off, the absolute picture of despair. When we passed by, she'd moan a little for good measure. At night, she'd chase the poor kitten under an easy chair and make like a very growly Spinx just in front ALL NIGHT.