Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Morning Blessings

The sunrise was so pretty this morning I just had to take a picture. Sunrise colors don't last long, so I had to grab my camera and run out there in my sock feet and pajamas. The driveway was still covered in a layer of snowy ice, and the temperature was hovering around 8 degrees----not the best environment for inadequately-clothed landscape photographers.

My blood has thickened enough that I can last about a minute at that temp, but I got pretty chilly there by the end. The trick is to admire winter scenery quickly and then make a mad dash for the warmth of the good ol' indoors. It helps to go "Hoo, hee, hoo, hee," like you're in labor.

You'll sound---and look---ridiculous, but a photographer's got to do what a photographer's got to do.

The sun was rising in the east

while the moon was setting in the west.
See, it was worth it...

Hope you have a beautiful day!

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