Thursday, October 31, 2013

Finishing My Bedroom

I suppose all of you have been dying to see how my bedroom turned out. This is the third room I've carpeted, and I do have to say that I'm getting rather good at it.

If you don't look too closely.

I also did my first real carpet seam with this room. I tried a peel-and-stick seam in my living room, but, while it peeled, it never stuck. There is a very attractive metal threshold nailed there now. It holds the carpet together fine, but I didn't want that in my bedroom.

I was able to borrow the rather terrifying seam iron from my friendly neighborhood contractor (the same one that loans me the $100 knee kicker each time). It was actually pretty easy to do. All I had to do was position the tape under the seam, run the iron along slowly, press the carpet down behind, and pray I didn't catch anything on fire.

Must have worked, because the carpet stuck nicely without any charring to be seen. Not that the seam was invisible, but I wasn't going for that. The carpet was used and the sections I joined had worn way differently, but the seam is in the corner where I keep my bed and isn't really going to show.

I love things that won't show! (You can see the seam along the wall)

Looking into my room from the opposite direction.

Now with all the furniture moved back in. See, you can't even see the seam anymore.

I really, really love my room. It's so peaceful and restful to relax in after a long day. I wish I still lived there.

 Sadly, I've had to move back out into the living room again. The kittens I've been fostering are being weaned from their reluctant---and tender---mother now that they have such strong, healthy teeth.

They're too little to be loose at night and and the mama already has dibs on the bathroom. So I've given my room over to them and I sleep on the floor.

Does anyone want to adopt a nice, adorable kitten? I want my room back!

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  1. Nice job, Tina! I want one of those kittens, thankfully I am waaaay too far away to get one!