Friday, October 11, 2013

Homeless Camp in My Living Room

 Life has been incredibly hectic here lately. Autumn is the season where you suddenly go, "Oh, snap! I can't put off my 50,000 projects anymore!" It's like having all your bills come due at once. Those little "loans" of time you took out over the summer to do fun (and not so fun) stuff are now due---with interest!

I won't make your brain hurt with the convoluted list of projects I'm trying to complete in the next month. I'm too nice for that. I'll just talk about the first one on the list: carpeting mine and Caleb's bedrooms.

We had carpet in there, but it was thin, stained, unpadded, and uninstalled (just lying on the floor with the edges untrimmed). I was blessed with the gift of another large piece of used carpeting, one big enough to do both rooms.

Yay! I was so thankful, but not very successful in actually getting around to the installation. A couple of weeks ago I took the plunge and moved Caleb out into the living room, figuring I wouldn't be able to stand it for very long and that would force me into action.

Worked like a charm and Caleb's carpet was soon installed. I used the same basic method as when I did my living room. You can read about it here.

The room looked very nice when we finished. I was just happy that Caleb could move back out of the living room.!

Finley is our quality control officer. He checks every new carpet for soundness. So far they have passed the comfort test with flying colors.

Then it was time for my room. I moved all my stuff out so I couldn't procrastinate, but I haven't made very rapid progress. Progress, yes. But not rapid. I've had a very busy week with almost no time at home. 

Each night after work would find me trying to do a little bit more to move things forward. First I had to bleach the floor, then paint it with Kilz. Then I had to seal up gaps around the edges (Winter Motto: Every little bit helps) and cover an old floor duct hole.

After that, it was at last time to put down the tack strips and carpet padding. And that's where I had to stop for the week. I'll try to finish installing the carpet on Sunday.

And it can't happen too soon! See, the cats are rather taking advantage of the situation. They think I've camped out in the living room simply for their pleasure and convenience.

I used to be able to hide behind a door at night, but no more! Easy access for their snoozing pleasure....

Run!!!! It's a Cat-alanche!!!!

I can't WAIT to move back in my room! These guys can find a new snuggly!!!!

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  1. Tina, you're just about the only person I know who has as many kitties as I have!