Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Calvinball of Math

 Yesterday was the first day of my first college class in 12 years. All I'm taking this semester is an online 8 week prep-class for college level algebra. But that is plenty intimidating for someone who has never taken any algebra in her life.

My sister and niece have been doing their desperate best to tutor me the last few weeks. I think I'm showing some improvement, but all I can say is ancient mathematicians have a lot to answer for. Basically, anytime they got stuck, they made up a rule to get unstuck. Like the game Calvinball in the comic strip "Calvin and Hobbes".

And now I have to learn them all.

On the bright side, at my advanced age I am no longer held hostage to the polite scholastic fiction that I might actually need some of this in my "real life". I know perfectly well that I will never use it again (unless I encounter a sudden and unexpected need to find out how fast a train is traveling) and can file it in the recycle bin as soon as I have passed my class.

There's not so much room on the hard drive as there used to be, you know!

But at least I got this charming, attractive, and decorative $126.00 math packet out of the deal. I'm thinking coffee table center piece, myself.

Or maybe I'll frame it. It would be the most expensive art I own!

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  1. That picture actually looks more hostile than reassuring. The pencils are menacing, and the black background looks dark and grim. It just doesn't convey, "Oh goody! Let's do ALGEBRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"