Sunday, July 3, 2011

Duckling Voyeurism

Who knew that moving to the prairie would bring out the voyeur in me, but so it has turned out. I am addicted to baby ducks and am frequently seen slamming on my van brakes, apparently quite randomly, but in reality I am only observing another little family. Yesterday I went out driving for the purpose of finding as many ducklings to photograph as possible. Since I had my sister's camera and all....

However, while many people would be glad to be photographed by such a distinguished photographer as myself, it turns out that as a species ducks don't care much for portraiture. Stupid ducks. It didn't help that when I spotted a family I had to stop the car, put it in park, unbuckle, turn on the camera, take the lens cap off, open the door, shove dogs back inside, and dash over to the edge of the road. All simultaneously. By the time I got there, the ducks were on the other side of the pond sticking their little duck tongues out at me.

This is the best shot I've gotten so far of little ducklings motor boating across the water. They are so light that when they are scared they almost run across the top of the pond.

An example of the rare Duck Dachshund.

These ducklings had gotten separated from the family group above.

A parting shot.


  1. Friend of your mom's here. I've tried to post before without success, but I'm trying again because, while all your pictures are fantastic, THESE are the most breathtaking and beautiful. Love your writing too!!!!!!!!!!!!