Thursday, July 28, 2011

How I am Fairing

As soon as VBS was finished, it was time to focus my energies on a brief sprint to the finish line of the fair. A booth is a lot less work than a whole church program, but with only a few days to do it in, it was still a little crammed.

Our church has two booths, one a get-to-know-you booth for the adults, and for the last two years, a booth for kids. We have crafts, pages to color, and of course, Bible story atmosphere. It's provided a nice, quiet stop for kids that are pooped, and lets their parents wander the other booths without whining---at least from the kids. Husbands are another matter.

It also has been popular with the carnival kids, who spend their whole summers traveling from fair to fair, and for whom the atmosphere of a fair is no longer very novel or exciting. A lot of kids have to watch their younger siblings so the parents can man the concessions, and our booth gives them somewhere to plunk them down.

This year, the theme is the Creation story. We have some creation themed crafts, a creation roulette wheel to spin and get a prize (OK, that part's not in the Biblical account, but we like to give each kid something fun). I have been able to recycle all of my animals from VBS, plus I painted 3 more and Noni made some very pretty paper flowers. (She may run to excess during the fair, since she will have nothing to do for hours but sit in the booth and make more!)

I will be unable to stay at the fair much this year, but I am pleased with how nicely everything turned out, and I'm sure that God has another great experience in store for our church family.

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