Monday, July 11, 2011

Good-bye, Cruel World

Last year I had no allergies all summer long. It was great! This year started out the same way until about a month ago, when suddenly I was seized with the worst allergies of my life so far. (hopefully this is just a bad year for pollen after all the rain) The last month as been a wheezy, sneezy, runny, insomniac blur.

Wednesday I went to the doctor and got some medications to deal with the disaster in my respiratory system, and I've been steadily improving since then. And so it was that on Sunday I was finally alert enough to realize that THIS IS THE LAST WEEK BEFORE VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL!

Now, I am not trying to imply that I would have been prepared in a timely fashion if only I hadn't had allergies. Everyone that has ever worked with me knows that I save everything until the last minute. What I am saying is that if it weren't for the allergies I would have realized that last week was The Last Possible Minute.

So if you don't see much of me this week, you'll know why! Thankfully, I have a wonderful support system of people, and the unlimited power of a truly compassionate God that doesn't abandon me to the consequences of my chronic procrastination.

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