Monday, October 31, 2011

Lucky Damon Visits Auntieland

After Devon's turn at Auntieland, it was lucky, lucky Damon's turn. Actually, he was very lucky, because I couldn't get all the insulation I needed in my one trip. We ran out part way through the job and had to quit early. He was devastated.

Breakfast was a delicious blend of traditional and "edgy". We had toast with peanut butter and applesauce, and enchiladas. Because we could. And because I had leftovers from church. And I didn't want to eat enchiladas all week. And I ended up doing that anyway. Sad face.

Of course we had to play with kittens a bunch. They were just starting to get out of the box at that point and were fuzzy little cockroaches darting around. But the cutest cockroaches EVER!

I had all my usual morning chores to do, so Damon occupied himself changing out my switch plates and putting in those foam pads that help keep out drafts. For those of you who wonder just how much draft you can get from a light switch or outlet, you have obviously never been in a colander house during a North Dakota blizzard! You can track down every microscopic gap at that point.

Then it was time to tackle the insulation. My dad had recommended a type of fiberglass that is in a kind of sack, sealed on both sides to keep in most of the itchy stuff. Not only was I unable to get that, but the only kind they had in the size I needed had no paper at all. I was not looking forward to it! And honest, the camera battery died right when we started, so that is why there is no photographic evidence of my actually doing something...

Installing insulation puts you on a steep learning curve. We started out, and within a minute I was learning something.


Cough, cough, cough....

"Damon, I think we need masks!

Within five minutes, I learned something else.


Blink, blink, blink....

"Damon, I think we need safety goggles!"

Within ten minutes, I'd learned that I would have died if I'd tried to do this in the summer. I could barely breath or see; my goggles fogged over, and we sounded like a Darth Vader family reunion. Still, we managed to get all of one and most of the other side done by Laura's room. We still have to do by the storage room, a much bigger job, but Damon has assured me that he is eagerly awaiting the return of Insulation Sunday this coming week.

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  1. safety glasses with the rim dust protector around the frame sealed with continuous bandage tape, well masking tape or 100 mile tape will also work as good and they don't fog up as much.

    well thats one idea, the other is a bit late now but its good proven idea I have used.

    Eat rice and tuna for every meal all over summer so you can pay those guys with spray in foam to do it. Of course I sort of hate tuna and rice now though. And I think CPS were going to investigate me for cruelty but you can't do things outside the square without breaking a few eggs, well they were off the menu was well.

    However if I had available a lucky lucky Damon and another insulation sunday I would have gone with that!