Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Devon Visits Auntie Land (Like Disneyland, Only Better)

Lucky, lucky Devon got to spend Saturday night and Sunday with his beloved Auntie. Tiggy usually spends the weekend if anyone does, but this week I decided to share the love. Tiggy was very disappointed, but tried to put on a brave face by pretending she was going to refuse to come anyway. That Tiggy! So noble, so courageous....sniff, sniff.

First of all, to jump-start our weekend of excitement, we spent the evening doing family fun time. This is where Auntie picks a job, and we all imagine that it's fun! This time we pretended that scrubbing the floors was fun. Look at what a good job Devon did at pretending!

The next morning it was time for more fun. But first we needed to fuel up our bodies with a nutritious meal. The proper food is very important to begin the day; we had waffles, breakfast patties, grapes, applesauce and granola, and egg rolls. Because we could. Then Devon got to take a bath....with mask and snorkel after I "persuaded" him that was a better option than going snorkeling out in the 40 degree weather.

Then we cleaned out a cupboard, Devon took forever in cleaning up after himself, and played a game of Sorry. Which I won, biblically speaking. After all, the Bible says the last shall be first. After that, we cleaned out the garden, since winter weather is creeping in on us and it's started to frost. He enjoyed getting to haul in all the turnips; now if only someone besides Jack actually likes turnips. Turns out I have a talent for growing them, but not for eating them.

But it wasn't all work...He got to play with dominoes and build amazing structures that suffered from premature demolition, since the kittens found dominoes simply fascinating and wanted to help. He did get one edifice to completion and even allowed me to "launch" it. What a sweetie.

As a final bit of fun, Devon got to have his portraits taken. He is quite good-looking for a pocket-size lanky cowboy.

This weekend it will be Damon's turn for family fun. I have even been laying in supplies. Don't tell him (I don't want to ruin the surprise), but Damon's treat rhymes with riberflass


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