Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Magnificent Hobbes Rides Again

Hobbes is my buddy. He's been the sickest and stayed that way the longest, so he's required lots of individual attention. The result is that he is never far from my side, or from my feet, as the case may be. The only way I can get things done at times is to carry him on my shoulders.

He does pretty well up there, but inevitably the activity will arise that I need him to get down for. Sometimes he's more cooperative than others. Yesterday, I bent down to let him hop off, but he lost his balance instead. And did what any cat does that feels itself slipping. He swung around and dug in.

The following is a photo of me, all dressed up to go teach the Sabbath School lesson at church this morning. I'm expecting my superpowers any day now.

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